July 10, 2022 update from Fleet Captain Mike Quinn

Good Morning Fleet 1,

Thank you to the 14 boats that all registered, showed up, started, and finished yesterday’s race.  (Richmond Yacht Club Intraclub Race 2)

It was great to see everyone out there…including Axel, Kirk, Paul, Richard W. and more.

The day went as advertised with favorable currents, steady breezes, and a total start-to-finish time of just over 2 hours. 

The windiest part of the day was actually before the start. Conditions steadily moderated throughout the race, ending with the classic “removal of layers” as boats sailed down into the Richmond Riviera.

Congrats to Team Z (“Zenaidi”) for another well-sailed race and #1 finish. Most importantly, congrats to everyone in the fleet for getting so many boats out for such a great day.

I loved seeing 14 Alerions sailing wing-on-wing as they converged at the RYC finish line. Very cool. Very pretty. The perfect advertisement for our boats and what we do.

Click here to register for our next event: YRA Double-Handed #4 on August 7. 

We currently have 9 boats registered. It would be great to see 10+ boats show up on the line, which will be on the City Front. 

RYC people…let’s commit to showing up for this event!

Lastly, see the ‘calendar’ tab, where you will see the updated schedule for the rest of the year. As I alluded to earlier, the weekends for the Clausen invitational and Joe Logan and switched / swapped.