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Alerion racing, 2019 season

Hi Folks,
Just wanted to send out a reminder that our summer racing series is just around the corner.  As I had previously mentioned, we will be doing the Richmond Yacht Club intraclub series which consists of 4 race days with I believe only one race per day.  Please note that the original race #1 date of May 4th has been changed to May 18th.  Also, we had discussed doing the Moseley  Regatta which is a 3 race day at Tiburon Yacht club on aug 3rd, but they have decided to cancel the regatta so that’s out.  I looked for something else in the 2019 sailing calendar, but didn’t really see anything around that time that looks like a good fit for us.  If anyone has any ideas, I’m all ears.  
so here’s our 2019 schedule as it stands now:

  • ryc intraclub #1 – May 18th
  • ryc intraclub #2 – June 22nd
  • ryc intraclub #3 – September 7th
  • ryc intraclub #4 – October 12th

By the way, for members of other yacht clubs, do not worry about the intraclub title of the event.  Our division will be open to all Alerion 28’s who want to participate and will be a one design class.  As of today I could not find a way to register for the series, but as soon as it becomes available I will forward it on to the fleet.  
Congrats to Paul Descalso on Sobrante for the win in his division (single handed non spin) in the SSS ‘Round the Rocks’  race last weekend.  Way to go Paul!
And for those of you who haven’t heard the news, we have been having great turn outs of 3 or 4 Alerion 28’s for the Wednesday evening ‘beer can’ races at RYC.  So if your boat is located in or near Richmond you should try an get out there and have some fun with us.  It’s free, there is no registration necessary, it happens every Wednesday evening from April through September, and you don’t need to be an RYC member to participate.  You might even win yourself a bottle of wine if you do something the PRO likes, which is not necessarily winning, Eric has a very unique scoring system.  Congrats to Fred on his new boat Zenaida,  he’s been crushing it! 
all for now, see ya on the water!
Ron Tostenson

Zenaida ghosts past Jewel after the start of the RYC beer can races on April 17, 2019
Another Girl, after rounding the weather mark, RYC beer can races, April 17, 2019